What is a chess Counselor

A Chess Counselor:

A counselor (or therapist) is someone who serves their clients by utilizing counseling theories and best practices in order to guide instruction, foster strong relationships, meet goals, and ultimately improve quality of life. A chess counselor is a counselor who uses the game of chess as an educational tool to foster change.

Chess has been proven to improve various skills:

  • Focusing: Learning to appreciate the value of patience and placing one’s center of attention to the task of hand

  • Visualizing: Imagining potential scenarios

  • Thinking ahead: “Think before you act”

  • Weighing options: Making judgements of potential paths to take

  • Analyzing Concretely: Assessing and reflecting on decisions of the past

  • Planning: Learning to set goals and take steps in achieving them

  • Decision making: Making choices in difficult situations