Get to know me

Corey Hancock Jr., M.Ed, NCC

I am a counselor who utilizes the game of chess to foster change.

When I was young I was fortunate to stumble upon a chess club that I would consider a second home. Our instructor provided a fun, educational, and nurturing space for students to learn and grow. Personally, as a VERY introverted child, I had difficulty connecting with others. To my surprise, chess club became my sense of community and served as the catalyst for my development as a chess player, as a scholar, and as a human being.

Now,  I seek to create such an experience from a counselor's perspective. In addition to teaching students to become stronger chess players, I help them to develop their critical thinking and social-emotional learning skills to tackle life's big challenges.

Quick Facts About Me!

Ph.D. Counselor Education, University of Missouri - Saint Louis (Current Student)
M.Ed. Counselor Education, Virginia Commonwealth University
B.S. Psychology, Virginia Commonwealth University
A.S. Social Science, Reynolds Community College
Nationally Certified Counselor (NCC)
12 years of tutoring experience 

For more info about me, check out this article:
Counseling PhD student Corey Hancock launches UMSL Chess Club 

 “I absolutely hated going to school every day until I started playing chess. Once I started getting involved in chess clubs it was like a switch flipped and suddenly I was excited and motivated to get to school, which was a huge game changer for me. From there, I felt a sense of community by playing against and learning with my teammates, traveling to tournaments to compete, and to teach others what I learned along the way. I felt a strong sense of belonging that motivated me to want to do everything I could to get better and to contribute to the group; this is especially important because without realizing it, I was developing stronger interpersonal skills, I was building my confidence, and I was learning HOW TO THINK. My efforts in chess club quickly transitioned to improvements in the classroom and even in sports! I started to participate more in class, I was more patient when I did not understand a concept right away, more resourceful, and so on. Skills I learned in the game, transitioned to my life, and made it better. Fast-forward to today, now I am driven to create experiences like the one’s I was so fortunate to have. I pursued higher education so that I am able to develop and enhance programs that specifically target the needs of the populations I am serving. I am a strong advocate for research and utilizing evidence-based practices/models to maximize the outcomes of our students.”