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Chess program consultation services are for those looking to do more than purchase chess sets and schedule club meetings. Our services take chess programming to the next level by educating you about the world of chess while developing a structured plan to create a high quality and sustainable program.

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Connect with a professional chess counselor

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Scheduled virtual or phone calls


Already have a chess club established? Great! Let's discuss where we are and where we're headed

Next Level opportunities

Chess Education

  • How to play chess

  • Learning chess notation

  • Learning chess etiquette

Chess Events

  • Simultaneous exhibitions

  • Tournaments

  • Award ceremony's


Build a community of chess enthusiasts that learn how to focus, how to think, how to adapt, and how to thrive.

Frequently asked questions

  • Q: Do I need to be a chess player to run a successful program?

    A: Not at all! Chances are that you will pick up chess knowledge during the process but you do not need to be a chess player to run a successful program.

    All that is needed is:

a. An individual to host/supervise the program.
b. A reasonably quiet space.
c. A willingness to learn and utilize the resources available.

  • Q: How can I start a chess club at my school? (Frequently asked by students)

    A: In short, you need to connect with an adult staff/faculty member at your school that will work with you to organize and promote your program. Check out our podcast below answering this very question in detail.